k-notes widget

k-notes widget 2.0

Sticky notes for your dashboard


  • More flexible than Apple's Stickies widget
  • Allows unlimited notes


  • Can clutter your dashboard very quickly
  • Deleting them should be easier


Post-it notes are a great way to jog your memory about things you have to do during your day. However, if you work behind a computer all day, it makes sense to have a way of doing it on your desktop.

K-notes widget provides an alternative to Apple's Stickies widget but adds a little more functionality. These include handy enhancements such as unlimited text size, re-sizeable text, collapsible notes and expandable notes (join multiple notes together). Like Apple's own widget however, it also allows you to choose text font, text size and the sticky's color. The only thing that should be clearer is how to delete notes. You have to hold down the Option key and waiting for black close dialog to appear which is a bit annoying.

k-notes widget is a useful tool for anyone that likes using sticky notes to help remember things.

Version 2.0 introduces new design and minor bugfixes.


  • Version 2.0 introduces new design and minor bugfixes.
k-notes widget


k-notes widget 2.0

User reviews about k-notes widget

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    not trustworthy.
    It is very bad, it erased all my notes at one point. Do not get this.
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    All my k-notes are gone.
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